Dianne Dodson’s Words to Ponder


Life is living in faith entirely.

Dianne Dodson


Dianne Dodson’s Writer’s Motivation


This end mark is used around the world an unlimited number of times daily.  These are some of the questions I have asked myself with a smile or frown.  I know many writers have asked some of these questions too.  What do I need to know about the time period in my book?  Is my plot interesting?  Will my first chapter hook the readers?  Are my characters round or flat?  Will I finish rewriting chapter one?  Is writing my first book a one and done experience for me?

Now I want to respond to these general questions asked before question marks.  My response is writing is fun, but I have a tremendous number of unanswered questions about the book writing process.  I better keep a day job!  So, today I want to personally thank all of the writers in the world.  Keep up the great work in-spite of unlimited questions!