Dianne Dodson’s Welcome!


When you are a writer,  you write for the joy of writing.  At first, I did not put my writing ideas on paper.  About five years ago, I decided to write educational resources and a book.  My goal was to stop writing educational resources in 2016 because I wanted to focus on writing books.

Now the real challenge has began because I have to edit my first book.  It seems like I am going to rewrite the whole book over again.  This is going to be a challenging task, but I am researching and writing daily.  Wow, writing is a joy, but it is hard work.  However, I like a good challenge.

Welcome to my journey as a writer!

Dianne Dodson



4 thoughts on “Dianne Dodson’s Welcome!”

    1. It is fun because my writing thought processes are getting more creative as I make revisions during my second draft. The more I revise the better my writing thought processes are improving. Best wishes to you too!

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