Dianne Dodson Editing First Book Excitement


I am excited about editing/rewriting my first chapter.  However, I feel like I have to learn better time management.  I write in a notebook, so I have to decide if I need to type each chapter as I edit each chapter.

Dianne Dodson


24 thoughts on “Dianne Dodson Editing First Book Excitement”

  1. Hi Dianne, I write in my journal as well as journaling online. However, when I’m writing a book, I use the computer. It’s so much faster and easier to change, and it has to be done before you submit it for print anyway. Thanks for following my blog. I’m always happy to help if you have questions.


      1. Dianne, are you comfortable writing on a computer? If you are there is so much more you can do, not only to save time but to improve your manuscript as well. The computer will even read your writing back to you so you can hear errors. In addition, all of the word processing programs have editing features as part of the program. Programs like Grammarly offer more advanced editing services to compliment your computer. I agree with Luccia that handwritten notes are nice, but writing and editing are much easier on the computer. Sometimes you need to move entire sentences or paragraphs. That is hard to do with a handwritten manuscript. Here is a post I did about time management for bloggers. https://wp.me/p7tP3I-hu Keep me apprised of your progress. 🙂


      2. I am comfortable writing on the computer, but my thoughts seem to flow better when I write in a notebook. My creativity is also better when I write in a notebook. I guess my brain makes a better connection to what I am writing and thinking. I am in the early stages of becoming a writer, but I have received a tremendous amount of support from authors/writers. I am impress with the support writers/authors have provided for me. I do not know how my first book will turn out, but I am determined to finish it. Thanks for your support!

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  2. When I have a vague idea in my mind, regarding a scene, I make handwritten notes first. It helps me focus and think slowly, with more introspection. When the idea ‘settles’ and I can ‘see’ where it’s going or how I want it to go, then I sit at the computer with my notes. A few handwritten pages can easily become two thousand typewritten words. After that first draft I print it out and scribble all over it again, and then I go back to my computer. Sometimes this can go on for ages, on other occasions it’s quicker. Editing is a constant process, but I try to move on to the following chapter asap, although I go back to edit all the time.
    That said, there’s no unique or right way to write a book. We each need to find our own way, but it helps to talk to other writers and think about the process.
    Welcome to this wonderful world of writing and blogging!


    1. Thanks for your suggestions. Once I started editing the first chapter, I noticed I did not have enough details about the characters or setting. I also understand why it is important to research and understand the different time periods that you write about in a book. I agree with you editing a book is a constant process. Thanks!


  3. I would use your journal for jotting down ideas, but do the actual writing on the computer. Eventually, you are going to have to do that anyway and making changes is so much easier on the computer.


  4. Hi, thanks for the follow. I write my first draft in a notebook, I keep writing until I get to a point where I think ooppps I should have added/ taken out something. Then start my second draft as I type it up on the computer. A chapter at a time may get a little confusing, stopping the flow of your thoughts. Hope that helps. Good luck 😊


    1. Thanks for your suggestion. I wrote the first complete draft of the book in a notebook. I was extremely busy working and creating educational resources, so I put the first draft away for years. Now I am going to focus on completing my first book. So, I am rewriting my second draft on the computer. I wish you luck with your writing too.


  5. Hi Dianne, good luck with your new project – the writing of a book! It’s an exciting time for sure. I started out writing in notebooks but eventually caved in and used the computer. Editing, and in fact writing the book was so much easier. Many thanks for the follow on my Writer in the Woods blog, I actually have an author blog devoted to my books and various thoughts and other bits of writing, it’s here if you’d like a look: https://judethompsonbooks.wordpress.com/ Keep up the good work 🙂


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